Natural Remedies

Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band's Album Natural Remedies

  Released: November 27, 2015
Format: CD
Label: Sandwich Dynasty Music
Produced by: Al Holliday

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“Natural Remedies” is the second full-length album from St. Louis’ own supremely soulful singer/songwriter himself – the genuine article: Al Holliday.

Here we have a man who is undoubtedly, as Thelonious Monk liked to say, most like himself – and a band – that hits like a sledgehammer.

The record was cut live to analog tape by the nine young men and women that are The East Side Rhythm Band – using equal parts blood, sweat and tears and equal parts Fried Chicken and Potato Salad.

The musicality of this group is a truly inspired, natural blend of sounds – stirred by the raw power of Joe Cocker, the organic artistry of Van Morrison, the down-home essence of Taj Mahal,  the timeless songwriting of Leon Russell, all played with the edge that only comes from The East Side’s own: Ike and Tina Turner.

“Natural Remedies” is a true revelation of an artist – and an undeniable document of the crew that is The East Side Rhythm Band – teeming with striking liveliness in every cut and searing performances, captured live in the studio.

Certainly not a bad follow-up to 2013’s “Made it Through the Mill, Again” – a “startling debut from a 25-year old white guy singing like a sanctified soul shouter.” (Riverfront Times, Christian Schaeffer) – which since its’ release, Holliday has traveled across the country with the band, been named St. Louis’ “Best R&B Artist” and “Best Male Vocalist”, and has come on – hands down – as one of the region’s hottest acts – and judging by what they are puttin’ down: Sho’ ain’t no doubt – they’ temperature is risin’.

1. Full Grown* (3:06)
2. Oliver Sain’s 3 a.m. Soul Serenade* (3:35)
3. Bring Your Troubles to the City* (3:07)
4. Just Like That (2:56)
5. Natural Remedies* (3:15)
6. Come Tru (3:31)
7. Right Thru Me (3:33)
8. Turnin’ Around (5:16)
9. The Times (4:03)
10. There Ain’t But the One Way* (7:01)
11. Sho’ Ain’t No Doubt (4:47)

Al Holliday – Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Guitar
Ryan Torpea –  Trumpet
Zac Minor – Tenor Sax
Derick Tramel – Bari Sax
Josiah Joyce – Guitar, Vocals
Caleb Klingler – Bass, Vocals
Neil Ghanti – Drums
Molly Simms – Vocals
Emily Wallace – Vocals
* featuring Adam Hucke