Made It Though The Mill, Again

Al Holliday and the East Side Rhythm Band's Album Made It Though The Mill, Again

  Released: May 24, 2013
Format: CD/Digital
Label: Mound City Music
Produced by: Al Holliday

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This record features our own, unknown, yet undeniable, Al Holliday, the strong, strong East Side Rhythm Band, special guests the Funky Butt Horns, and our brothers, playing tunes, Al‘s tunes in the south St. Louis City.

Great, great thanks to those whose love and dedication made this music come to be. The East Side Rhythm Band, Jason McEntire, The Funky Butt crew, Loyd Warden, R. Scott Bryan, Brandon Collins, Nathan Dell, Billy Kennedy, Dwayne Bateman, Byron Waldron, Robert Rohe, Larry and Kevin Nix, Jim Burns, The Lucky Stars, Dr. Douglas “Doc” Leibinger, sweet Emily, my dear family, brothers and sisters, thank you, and: Hallelujah