All I Want

All I Want

Released: xxx
Format: CD - Presale Vinyl
Label: xxx
Produced by: Al Holliday

ALL I WANT is the FOURTH studio album by Al Holliday. It was recorded, as always with the East Side Rhythm Band, and is brand new on vinyl and streaming in 2023!!

ALL I WANT began in the hard days of 2020 as a love letter and testament to all of the working and everyday people in our nation of America. The album ended up also as a mosaic chronicling the many uniquely American trials and tribulations we are experiencing , and when you get to the end – you will not be surprised to find our narrator attempting to stand up against it all.

Musically, we continue to draw from our abundant regional and American confluence of musical language, but mainly strive (as always) to simply : be real, inspired, and right on time with a message and ‘a feeling’!

We are pleased to offer for the first time, the 12” LP with a Gatefold Jacket, which contains the lyrics printed on the inside
Vinyl has been ordered - ships Spring 2023!!